A shipping container is unloaded at the Port of Montreal in Montreal, May 17, 2021.CHRISTINNE MUSCHI/Reuters Canadian businesses are grappling with supply chain bottlenecks as the post-pandemic economy begins to take shape, squeezing margins and putting upward pressure on prices. Wholesalers and retailers are reporting months-long delays for shipments fromRead More →

Bob Nelsen’s Resilience, with a mission no less ambitious than rewriting the rules of drug manufacturing, has taken an early lead with only a year of life under its belt. The Canadian government likes what it sees and plans to cut a healthy check to bolster Resilience’s Mississauga facility. TheRead More →

Louis Tetu, CEO of Coveo, a Quebec-based company that sells artificial intelligence-based search tools known as “analytics engines” to giants like American Express, Dell and Geico.Renaud Philippe/The Globe and Mail The Canadian initial public offering market has shrugged off recent investor fears and is poised to rebound, with at leastRead More →