Nova Chemicals Corp., a Calgary, Alberta-based chemical and plastic resin manufacturer, and GreenMantra Technologies of Brantford, Ontario, have completed a second paving project in Ontario, incorporating the equivalent of 700,000 bags plastic in post-consumer recycled plastics in two lanes and parking. The project was carried out at the construction siteRead More →

Amid efforts to overcome the challenges caused by COVID-19 and climate change, the conversation about modernizing the Canadian economy and strengthening relationships between people and businesses has intensified, said Brian Gallant, former Premier of New Brunswick and co-author of the Global Canada report.James West / The Canadian Press New reportRead More →

[Oro Medonte, ON] – The last 24 months have really revealed the inherent danger of relying heavily or even solely on offshore suppliers. The global pandemic has left countless North American manufacturers scrambling to find suppliers closer to home (AKA relocation) for their business-critical components and products. Alternatively, they haveRead More →

Navigating from childhood to adolescence is a universal challenge. Award-winning documentary filmmaker Tracey Deer’s debut “Beans” (“Anne with an E”, “Mohawk Girls”) reveals just how more intense this process can be for a young Aboriginal girl. The United States’ image of Canada is often one of racial and ethnic harmony.Read More →

Canadian employers lay off or leave without pay thousands of workers who refused to getCOVID-19 gunfire, squeezing an already tight labor market and increasing the prospect of potentially disruptive legal challenges. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged vaccination warrants as central to his successful campaignfor re-election in September, setting a precedentRead More →