Actor Nicholas Tse to renounce Canadian citizenship

BEIJING — Hong Kong-born actor Nicholas Tse has applied to renounce his Canadian citizenship, he revealed in an interview with Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television on Sunday (September 5).

“I was browsing reviews of my recent movie Raging Fire when I saw some questioning my nationality, saying I was Canadian,” said Tse, 41.

The actor-singer, who entered show business at the age of 16, said he has always been a Chinese national.

“Whether it’s food, music or action movies, regardless of the type of content or identity, I’ve always wanted to spread Chinese culture and spirit to the world,” he said. he declared.

Referring to the song Yellow Race, which he wrote more than a decade ago about Chinese history and pride, he said he had always felt a strong sense of national responsibility, with this feeling becoming more and more strong as it matured.

Tse’s decision to give up her Canadian citizenship follows a crackdown by Chinese authorities on the entertainment industry, with rumors that stars who hold foreign citizenship could be blacklisted.

His father, veteran actor Patrick Tse, said he was unaware of his son’s decision but supported it nonetheless.

In a previous interview, the 84-year-old iconic star said he applied for Canadian citizenship so his children wouldn’t grow up spoiled with privileges due to having a famous father.

Nicholas Tse’s management agency, Emperor Entertainment Group, said they support his decision, although they weren’t told before the interview aired. It is understood that the documents had already been submitted.