Akshay Kumar on his Canadian citizenship: “I thought about moving there”

Despite his Canadian passport, actor Akshay Kumar has revealed that he pays all his taxes in India.

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Actor Akshay Kumar was recently asked about his citizenship in an interview. He had a series of unsuccessful films this year, including Bachchhan Paandey, Samrat Prithviraj and Raksha Bandhan. The fact that Akshay is a canadian citizen is often mentioned when he defends national causes on social networks.

Akshay spoke about it openly in a conversation with Lallantop and acknowledged that, despite his Canadian citizenship, he pays taxes in India.

“I am an Indian, from India, and always will be,” Akshay said. He claimed that when he obtained his Canadian citizenship, he considered moving to Canada because his films had ceased to be shown. “My films weren’t performing very well a few years ago. I decided that I definitely had to move abroad and work there because almost 14 to 15 of my films had failed. he added.

According to Akshay, a friend of his lives in Canada and advised him to move there if he ends up in India. “Many people settle there to work, but they remain Indians. I also felt that I had to act if fate was not on my side in this situation. I went there, filled out an application and got citizenship,” he said. Shortly after, according to Akshay, he began to have professional success again and he made the decision to stay. Then, he continued, “I thought I would stay in my country and I never thought of leaving again.”

Although he has a Canadian passport, Akshay admitted that he pays taxes in India. “I have a passport,” he said. Describe the passport. It is a mandatory document for international travel. I’m an Indian, so I pay all my taxes here. I can also choose to pay there, but I choose to pay them here. I work for my nation. Many people have the right to speak publicly. To them, all I would say is that I am and always will be an Indian.

Akshay revealed earlier that he is implementing an Indian passport application. He said, “I have now applied for the passport” during the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2019. “It sucks that I constantly have to provide proof that I am an Indian.”

Akshay released a statement on Twitter in 2019 in which he spoke about his citizenship in Canada. “I really don’t understand the unwarranted curiosity and animosity surrounding my citizenship,” he said at the time. I have never tried to hide or deny that I am a Canadian citizen. The fact that I haven’t been to Canada in the last seven years is also correct. I am an Indian citizen working and paying all my taxes in India. I find it upsetting that my citizenship issue is often the subject of unnecessary debate, a personal, legal, apolitical subject and of little concern to others, despite the fact that I have never needed to prove my love for citizenship. India to anyone. over the years. I would like to continue to make a small contribution to the initiatives I support to strengthen India.

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