Canadian companies adopt the Sustainable IT Pledge

On this Earth Day, there is a group of new signatories to the Sustainable IT Pledge, a commitment by Canadian organizations to reduce emissions from their IT operations.

Launched in August 2021, the Sustainable IT Pledge was created by the CIO Strategy Council, a non-profit organization that brings together Canada’s most forward-thinking CIOs and technology leaders to mobilize on common priorities, focus on actions. agents can take to address the climate crisis.

It details a set of pledges from the signatories that include seven areas in which CIOs will work together for change, among which, promises to demonstrate leadership in the development and adoption of sustainable IT practices, to exchange expertise and resources in multiple environmental areas, and to promote Canada’s leadership in the global IT standards ecosystem.

As part of this commitment, organizations will work together to improve ways to measure greenhouse gas emissions and actions to reduce them, including recycling, recycling and repairing devices to increase their lifespan, minimizing the environmental impact of IoT devices, reducing data exchange volumes to save energy, and applying sustainable software engineering practices.

The most recent organizations to sign include Deloitte Canada, as well as a diverse group of startups and scale-ups, including Poptronic, an electronics rental company based in Cornwall, Ontario, Espace Elvi, a platform for Quebec wellness subscription, Ergonomyx Technologies Canada, a Victoria, BC-based startup specializing in workplace fitness equipment, and FX Innovation, a Montreal-based company that is Canada’s largest player to have certification levels and a formal partnership with the three largest cloud companies.

“Deloitte is unwavering in its commitments to address climate change,” said Maria Churchill, Chief Information Officer and Head of Central Business Services at Deloitte Canada. “We value sustainable practices and recognize the important role IT operations play in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We purchase renewable energy to power our facilities and are in the process of moving a significant portion of our data center platforms to the cloud. We are also committed to minimizing electronic waste by donating used laptops and smartphones to charities such as the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB).

Also signatories are global leaders in digital sustainability, The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance and TCO Development, as well as Canada’s Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst.

“Cybersecurity is intrinsically linked to environmental awareness, as it represents an ongoing attempt to secure and protect all digital environments,” said Sumit Bhatia, director of innovation and policy at Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst. “As cybersecurity becomes an essential part of our technology-centric society, it is essential that we pay attention to sustainable IT practices that reduce our collective environmental impact while ensuring continuous improvements to our fundamental cybersecurity frameworks. The time to act is now and collectively; At Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, we are proud to partner with the CIO Strategy Council on this very important and timely initiative.

Max Schulze, founder of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance, added: “Every industry must take action to reduce environmental impact over the next decade. IT is becoming both a big industry in itself, but it also provides the underlying infrastructure for most other sectors to digitize and decarbonize. Therefore, we find the work of the CIO Strategy Council, in particular the Sustainability Pledge, to be very timely and helping to set the right priorities for the industry. »

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