Canadian companies at risk from Russian cyberattacks, warns US security expert

Canada’s critical infrastructure sectors are encouraged to monitor increased cyber threat activity.Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

A cybersecurity expert says Canadian companies are at risk of online attacks if Russia chooses to retaliate against government sanctions.

Karim Hijazi, founder and CEO of Texas-based cyberintelligence firm Prevailion, said Canadian companies could fall victim to bad actors trying to compromise critical infrastructure and government entities.

He said that might be the likely approach because government, critical infrastructure and the private sector are so intertwined and easily accessible.

Hijazi also said the harmful malware that Russia would activate is already present in many Canadian computer networks.

A spokesperson for the National Communications Security Establishment (CSE) said in an email that the federal government agency monitors cyber threats targeting the finance, energy and telecommunications sectors.

CSE encourages all critical infrastructure sectors in Canada to monitor increased cyber threat activity.

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