Canadian Government CIO to Speak at Digital Transformation Conference

By Richard Johnstone on 07/21/2022 | Updated on 07/21/2022

Catherine Luelo, the Canadian government’s Chief Information Officer, will be among the speakers at the Global Government Forum’s AccelerateGov conference which will highlight how public servants can promote digitalization and transformation.

The conference, to be held in Ottawa, Canada on October 5, will bring together public servants to explore how to realize the potential of digital in the public sector.

The event, which will be hosted by the Government of Canada, will explore the keys to successful transformation of public services in the digital age through networking opportunities, panel discussions and question and answer sessions, offering a real overview of the digital transformation process.

Public servants can register for AccelerateGov 2022 for free – register here

The conference will feature exciting panel discussions with senior leaders and subject matter experts on a wide range of topics, including:

  • The role of digital and data in policy-making: By gathering and analyzing evidence to inform decision-making, data professionals can play an important role in shaping policy. This session will explore how best to integrate the work of digital and data professionals into the policy-making process.
  • Deployment of AI in government: Artificial intelligence can strengthen service delivery and reduce costs in the public sector, but emerging technology also presents a unique set of risks and challenges. Serving political, statistical, legal, business and operational staff as well as digital and data specialists, this session will cover AI-related topics such as potential applications, developing internal skills, how to avoid discriminatory results and the emergence of ethical rules. AI frameworks.
  • Project management and financing in the digital age: In many governments, business planning, expenditure approval, risk management, procurement and project governance systems are ill-suited to the needs of digital technologies. Serving business and finance personnel as well as digital and data professionals, this session will explore ways to promote digital transformation while maintaining prudence and probity in the use of taxpayers’ money.
  • Building Trust and Engagement in Digital ID: To gain users, digital ID systems must have clear benefits for civil servants in various professions as well as citizens, businesses and third sector organizations, while addressing concerns about security, privacy, accessibility and interoperability. This session will focus on how best to meet the competing needs of individuals, disciplines and organizations, unlocking the full potential of digital transformation.
  • Turn data into insights and actions: Today, governments can access huge volumes of data that can be used to improve decision-making, service delivery, and the tools available to public servants. To realize this potential, public service leaders need both advanced data skills and systems, as well as insights and support from people across the workforce. This session will explore how governments can leverage the expertise and experience of their staff to realize opportunities for better use of data.
  • Across borders : build interdisciplinary and interdepartmental teams: Many digital programs require public bodies to manage projects in partnership, building cross-functional teams involving specialists from various disciplines. This session will explore the management skills and techniques needed for successful cross-functional projects.

For more information, see the full agenda.

Public servants can register for AccelerateGov 2022 for free – register here

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