Canadian government plans public consultation on digital ID platform for public services

The Government of Canada plans to launch public consultations on a digital identification framework for federal government services. Stakeholder engagement is part of a set of actions defined in a new strategy document.

Canada’s Digital Ambition 2022‘ was introduced to advance the Digital government strategy. This program outlines the Canadian government’s digital transformation plans.

The strategy document is drafted by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) and “consolidates previous priorities”, taking into account comments from its various predecessors.

The “Digital Operations Strategic Plan: 2021-2024” page, meanwhile, has been archived and will not be updated, the Treasury Board says.

Trusted digital identity is one of the pillars of the ambition, and being able to prove identity claims more quickly is an objective identified under priority 2.2, to “build and use secure common solutions for the provision of digital services”.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for government services to be accessible and flexible in the digital age,” the document states. “The next step to make services more convenient to access is a federal digital identity program, integrated with pre-existing provincial platforms.

The document reiterates a Treasury Board mandate established at the end of 2021 to work on a common digital identity platform for public services. To that end, the federal government is “launching public consultations on a federally-run digital identity framework” and “developing a common and secure framework for digital identity.”

A federal digital identity program to manage online government interactions will also be implemented.

Canadian officials, including Treasury Board President Mona Fortier, made it clear at the recent IdentityNorth Summit that the country needs to step up its implementation of trusted digital ID.

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