Canadian government workers have accused each other of everything from racism to theft to sexual harassment and this report spills all the tea

Who went wild over the government credit card? Who “accidentally” forgot to return their work phone? Who made the most racist comment of the year? from Ottawa 2020-2021 Public Servants Misdeeds Report is there and unlike those employees, scandals do not disappoint. Buckle up for the drama.

A total of 174 allegations were made against public servants. It’s the lowest number in four years, but people are working from home and you don’t “have to” report your own slip-ups. If you catch someone else giving a no-no, your insider claims are protected under the federal whistleblower protection law.

Racism, conflict of interest:

There was a civil service manager who made racist comments before promoting an employee he had a relationship with.

He worked at the national headquarters of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

The report states that the manager “bullied and marginalized another employee under his supervision (including using vulgar language and inappropriate racial comments), failed to disclose a conflict of interest in the promotion of another employee in which a personal relationship existed and failed to disclose a conflict of interest in approving a sole-source contract with a third party organization in which a financial interest was held.

The director left the public service before the end of the investigation. Eventually, every statement turned out to be true.

Of the total 174 allegations, 30 were closed and only 12 were confirmed. That’s a 6.9% confirmation rate with only 17% of cases even seeing a conclusion. Is your HR department better or worse? For 19 cases, new measures have been put in place so that the problems do not recur.

Repeated sexual harassment:

A Global Affairs Canada (GAC) executive has been charged with “gross mismanagement” over “irregularities” in his staffing. Couple that with additional accusations of repeated sexual harassment and “inappropriate behavior” with co-workers.

After an investigation, they could not confirm any gross mismanagement, but confirmed the majority of the sexual behavior and comments.

The executive leaves the civil service. He would have been ordered to undergo sensitivity coaching.

The GAC is still working to “restore” the work culture that this particular executive left behind.

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Fraud, theft and irony:

The government’s rules of contract were outright broken…by the internal integrity and security office, ironically.

ESDC’s internal integrity and security offices are tasked with “assessing the reliability and loyalty to Canada of candidates and employees.” A civil servant broke the government’s own rules and regulations on contracts, but also encouraged his employees to break more rules.

The department has been urged to review its government credit card policies to “mitigate the risk of misuse” after the incident. The report mentions “unacceptable transactions” and the need to implement “corrective measures to ensure that good procurement practices are put in place immediately”.

Another employee in the same office retired but pocketed his work Blackberry. It wasn’t just a memory either; he continued to use the phone.

Which office was paid the most?

  • Global Affairs Canada (13 investigations)
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada (13)
  • Employment and Social Development Canada (10)

There have been investigations grilling a person with up to 9 allegations.

Hold on tight!