City reports 179 fireworks complaints over Canada Day weekend


A long weekend of pyrotechnics sparked a cacophony of complaints to the City of Ottawa’s bylaws department.

From Canada Day to July 5, the settlement received about 179 complaints compared to 113 last year, according to the City of Ottawa. There were 31 complaints in 2019.

“They felt like they were all the time,” said Jim McAvoy, who lives in Barrhaven. He said people lit fireworks at noon and even before the July 1 holiday.

“There didn’t seem to be an appreciable pause – like there were only fireworks all the time.”

Nathan Adams of the Ottawa Fire Department said firefighters had not responded to any fireworks-related incidents, although the service predicted considerable risks ahead of the weekend.

“This year has been incredibly dry so every time people distribute fireworks it creates an increased risk of fires in both suburbs and urban areas,” said Adams, deputy chief of prevention. fires and communications.

This year, there were more muted celebrations across the country after hundreds of children’s remains were discovered in former residential schools.

This grim situation, coupled with many fireworks opponents, could lead to more complaints, Adams said.

“You see a bit of a difference in terms of how people approach this. Some people are very open to fireworks and behave themselves, then you also see a lot of people who follow the restrictions a lot more. strict and frankly are against fireworks in the atmosphere, ”Adams said.

McAvoy said he anticipates people will always celebrate given the looser pandemic restrictions.

“I’m not anti-fun. I think there is a time and place for everything, but I also think the lack of supervision over everything makes it not fun for everyone,” McAvoy said.

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