Consumer and Personal Loans Bolster Fintech Lending in Fiscal Year 2021


Mumbai, India, February 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SIDBI and Equifax have launched the second edition of “Fintech Pulse,” a quarterly publication highlighting key trends in the rapidly growing Fintech segment of the NBFC (Non-Bank Finance Corporation).

“Fintech Pulse” aims to provide information on trends in the Indian Fintech industry – from disbursements and delinquencies to the fastest growing states and major loan categories.


  • Consumer and personal loans remain strong for NBFC-Fintechs with 87% share in active loans
  • There is a 38% increase in portfolio value over the year, with personal loans growing while business loans show declining value
  • Despite the growth, consumer and personal loans saw the average size of banknotes drop by over 40%, to less than INR 9,000.
  • Personal loan disbursements are down 71% year on year
  • In the industry as a whole, NBFC-Fintechs have a market share of 2.44% of corporate loans by number of active loans and of 1.2% by outstanding portfolio
  • Business loan disbursements by all types of lenders declined after the onset of the pandemic, but began to recover from April-june 2020 quarter for public sector banks
  • Over 90 defaults for business loans by NBFC-Fintechs deteriorated year-on-year
  • The top 5 states contributing 50% of the total loans disbursed by Fintechs were Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan

At launch, Shri V. Satya Venkata Rao, Deputy Managing Director of SIDBI said: “Fintech Lending has changed the approach to providing credit in India through innovative products and real-time solutions. The industry grew 38% year-on-year on September 20, despite the COVID pandemic. As we move towards a new normal, the fintech lending industry will play a crucial role in providing credit to last mile borrowers. I hope Fintech Pulse will provide key information to stakeholders. “

Shri KM Nanaiah, Managing Director of Equifax Credit Information services Ltd. and Country Head, Equifax India and MEA, said: “We are very pleased to present the second edition of ‘Fintech Pulse’ in partnership with SIDBI. This edition shines a light on how NBFC -Fintech Loans have operated during times of pandemic. In addition, the report contains better information on business loans with a section dedicated to the impact of Covid-19 on Fintech loans. “

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