Leading Canadian Companies Support Ukraine | 2022-03-25 | Investment News

(The NexaSMART Editors Heatmap shows the location of editors and hotspots around the world. Image via Datametrex AI Ltd.)

The eyes of the world remain on Ukraine as the Russian invasion enters its second month. Countries and companies around the world are supporting Ukraine in their own way.

Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada Inc. (TSX: AC, Forum) announced this week that it would donate $10 for every booking made online to support humanitarian aid to Ukraine, with a total donation of up to $250,000.

This is in addition to a recent $170,000 contribution from Air Canada to the Canadian Red Cross and other charities, as well as ongoing humanitarian assistance to Poland and Ukraine. transported by Air Canada Cargo. Air Canada also encourages donations through its AeroPlan points program and the Air Canada Foundation.

The airline’s president and chief executive, Michael Rousseau, said the company’s hearts stand firmly with Ukrainians in need.

“It is clear that the scale of this extraordinary global crisis requires combined efforts and to collectively enable additional global humanitarian support, we have allowed Aeroplan members to donate points for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine. We are also staying in close contact with various stakeholders to determine how Air Canada and its employees can further support Ukrainians, including those coming to Canada.”

Datametrex AI Ltd (TSX-V:DM, Forum) is a technology-focused company with exposure to artificial intelligence and machine learning that has recently been recognized as innovators in the cybersecurity industry thanks to the technology behind its subsidiary, Nexalogy and its achievements. This approved software has been used by organizations such as NATO, the Canadian government and the US armed forces for almost seven years,

The company’s AI-based technology, NexaSMART, can be used to identify threats by analyzing social media conversations. Datametrex and its wholly owned subsidiary, Nexalogy, were featured in Stockhouse’s article, “Software stops misinformation about Russia’s war in Ukraine” this week and continues to attract media attention as propaganda and disinformation is currently being used by corrupt world leaders to manipulate news and information on social media as the crisis escalates in Ukraine and the Tigray, Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US measures involve freezing assets, identifying 328 members of Russia’s Lower House of the State Duma and 48 defense companies , the White House announced as President Joe Biden attended war-focused summits in Brussels. Volatility on Wall Street and Bay Street has continued throughout the week as markets assess not only the situation in Ukraine, but also the implications of rising oil prices as a result of this conflict.

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