Most Canadian Manufacturers Support Vaccine Passport, Poll Finds

More than two in three Canadian manufacturers support the use of a vaccine passport in their businesses, according to a new survey, but less than a quarter currently require it.

A survey of nearly 1,000 manufacturing companies conducted by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) shows that 69 percent of respondents support vaccination warrants and passports to protect their employees and families. “But they need and expect strong and clear guidance from governments at all levels, which is lacking,” CME said in a September 3 press release.

“At this time, there is a lack of clarity on the use of the vaccine passport in the workplace,” said Dennis Darby, CEO of the Ottawa-based CME. “Businesses want to make sure they have a free hand to move forward. The provinces must provide businesses with the tools they need to reduce risk.

If a provincial government implements a vaccine passport for industry, CME said, there should be flexibility for workers who are fully vaccinated. “While some governments have started to roll out warrants and passport systems, the focus is often on retail and public places, and not on how the rules can and will apply to manufacturers and their 1.7 million employees nationwide, ”Darby said. “We believe that with clearer rules, immunization levels will increase and manufacturers who can prove that their staff are vaccinated, can revert to pre-COVID operational health and safety guidelines.”

And vaccination is key for manufacturers, Darby continued. “With labor shortages raging, for businesses to step up and demand compulsory workplace vaccination, the rules need to be the same for every business,” he said.