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Norman Jewison, who grew up on the beach, directs Denzel Washington in a scene from the 1999 film The Hurricane.


It’s great to have all of these different types of plaques on people, places and public events in our community.

But where’s the plaque for one of the world’s greatest directors, Norman Jewison? He was born on the beach and remains a proud Canadian.

Growing up, Jewison attended Kew Beach School and Malvern Collegiate.

There have been several attempts by organizations including The Beach and East Toronto Historical Society and others to have a plaque honoring this great director and Canadian.

When the beach hosted Norman Jewison Day, hosted by Community Center 55 about 20 years ago, Jewison spent the whole day making appearances and spoke to a large crowd at the Fox Theater where he showed the one of his films.

There was also a reception for him at the Balmy Beach Club. Me and a few others had the honor and pleasure of showing Jewison around some of her old neighborhood neighborhoods that day.

He has always had a special affinity with the beach and was proud of his home port. I’ve been asked several times, especially on my walks, where is the plaque for Norman Jewison in the beach?

As he nears his 95th birthday on July 21, I find it disturbing that there is no plaque for him near Kippendavie Avenue and Queen Street East.

If it was the United States or other countries, I’m sure a plaque would have been placed where Norman Jewison grew up to honor him.

What are the reasons why there is none? If only I knew.

Let’s do the right thing and do it as soon as possible.

I’ve been taken to task by so many people about it, like I’m somehow to blame. I say let us do this now.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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