Some candidates from the 5th arrondissement rely on personal loans


A handful of candidates from Indiana’s 5th Congressional District turned to personal loans in the first quarter of the year as the novel coronavirus forced them to cancel March fundraisers amid demands from social distancing.

While Democrat Christina Hale was able to lead fundraising efforts for both sides for the third consecutive quarter, raising $ 332,413, neither of the Republican candidates were able to raise $ 100,000 in contributions for the quarter. . She directs all the candidates at the cash desk.

Andy Downs, a political scientist at Purdue University in Fort Wayne, said the lower Republican fundraising figures are likely due to a combination of the impact of the coronavirus on the economy and a crowded field with several candidates who at least have some name recognition.

Some party insiders, he said, won’t donate until after the primary. He also expects the number of fundraisers to continue to decline in the second quarter.

“(Republicans) don’t want to pick someone in the primary, lose that person and in that regard have to shell out an even bigger amount in the fall to get into the candidate’s good graces,” Downs said .

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Republican State Senator Victoria Spartz contributed the most to her own campaign, loaning her $ 750,000 while raising less than $ 10,000.

Spartz, who worked for accounting firms and briefly served as chief financial officer for Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office, said she puts her money where she says it is.

“I have worked extremely hard all my life: working over 100 hours a week on some of the most complex financial audits in the country and taking care of two little babies while expecting, starting my own business and working with my husband every day of the week. – long hours, hard work and little free time, “Spartz said in a statement.” I have never made easy money in my life, like most of us, but I understand that our country is at a very important crossroads in our history. and I am ready to do my part to win this war against socialism. “

Victoria Spartz.

Republican Beth Henderson loaned $ 75,000 and Republican Carl Brizzi loaned $ 60,000 to her campaign this quarter. Republicans Matthew Hook, Andrew Bales and Allen Davidson also loaned smaller amounts to their campaigns.

Brizzi was the first to announce that he would not be soliciting donations for the campaign due to the coronavirus crisis.

“Hoosiers are out of work and seeing their hard-earned retirement savings plummet,” Brizzi said in a statement. “Now is not the time to expect anyone to contribute money to a political campaign.”

State Treasurer Kelly Mitchell raised the most from the Republican side with $ 95,758 in contributions, followed by Carl Brizzi, who raised $ 55,725.

But because of his personal loan, Spartz has the most cash on hand among Republicans at $ 546,663.

This money will allow Spartz to campaign on a large scale since she joined the race later than the others and probably didn’t have time to do much prospecting before social distancing requirements were put in place.

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However, the biggest campaign fund doesn’t guarantee a win, Downs said. He predicted that the turnout in June could be lower due to coronavirus concerns, even with the election date pushed back and the relaxation of absentee voting requirements. And with such a large field, a Republican could hypothetically win with just a quarter of the vote.

“Money is unfortunately needed in the countryside,” Downs said. “The question is how do you spend it. The person with the most money doesn’t always earn.”

State Representative Christina Hale addresses the crowd following her nomination as Lieutenant Governor at the 2016 Indiana Democratic State Convention at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis on Saturday June 18, 2016.

Republicans and Democrats have invaded the 5th District race after outgoing Republican Susan Brooks announced last year she was retiring. The district, which stretches from the northern part of Indianapolis to the town of Marion and includes all of Hamilton County, has long been trending red.

But Democrats hope they can take advantage of changing demographics in the suburban part of the district, as Democrats have done elsewhere in the country.

Here’s a breakdown of how much money each candidate has raised this quarter, how much each has loaned to their campaigns, and how much money each candidate has. Those who have not deposited or raised money are not listed.

The list is organized by amount at checkout.

Christina Hale, Democrat

Cash: $ 591,046

Contributions: $ 332,413

Loans: $ 0

Victoria Spartz, Republican

Cash: $ 546,663

Contributions: $ 9,705

Loans: $ 750,000

Beth Henderson, Republican

Cash: $ 122,589

Contributions: $ 52,950

Loans: $ 75,000

Chuck Dietzen, republican

Cash: $ 107,815

Contributions: $ 41,491

Loans: $ 0

Carl Brizzi, Republican

Cash: $ 100,659

Contributions: $ 55,725

Loans: $ 60,000

Kelly Mitchell, Republican

Cash: $ 55,425

Contributions: $ 95,758

Loans: $ 0

Dihedral Thornton, Democrat

Cash: $ 41,281

Contributions: $ 9,931

Loans: $ 0

Micah Beckwith, Republican

Cash: $ 35,437

Contributions: $ 37,623

Loans: $ 0

Kent Abernathy, Republican

Cash: $ 19,545

Contributions: $ 16,089

Loans: $ 0

Andy Jacobs, Democrat

Cash: $ 7,164

Contributions: $ 4,898

Loans: $ 0

Matthew Hook, Republican

Cash: $ 5,525

Contributions: $ 5,662

Loans: $ 1,000

Andrew Bales, Republican

Cash: $ 3,870

Membership fees: $ 775

Loans: $ 7,000

Jennifer Christie, Democrat

Cash: $ 2,260

Contributions: $ 8,600

Loans: $ 0

Allen Davidson, Republican

Cash: $ 0

Membership fees: $ 689

Loans: $ 2,944

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