Statement by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters in Response to Federal Plan to Ban Single-Use Plastics

The proposed plan raises concerns from Canada manufacturers

OTTAWA, ON, October 7, 2020 / CNW / – President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Dennis darby today released the following statement in response to the federal government’s long-awaited ban on single-use plastics:

“The federal government has long affirmed its desire to ban single-use plastics in Canada without offering much of a framework on how it would be implemented. Given this, we were pleased to see the limited reach of the products and areas identified, the increased emphasis on recycling, and the commitment to use science to guide their policy development.

“At the same time, we are concerned about the impact that these measures could have on Canada and ask the government to ensure that it identifies and addresses, in partnership with industry, potential negative impacts.

“Plastics are used in most consumer products today because it is the best technology available to industry and consumers, and Canadian manufacturers are world leaders in environmental practices and in the creation of new technologies to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations. We are proud of our track record in this regard.

“As the government moves forward with its plans to tackle post-consumer plastic waste, we need it to work with industry to identify more effective solutions than a simple ban on plastics. For example, the industry is ready to work with the government to develop a harmonized circular. Economy Legislation through Canada this would include setting recycled content standards, national performance requirements, extended producer responsibility and defining product life cycle assessment. This would bring all these aspects together in a legally binding framework and would positively contribute to a national zero plastic waste program.

“Likewise, establishing a Technology Innovation Fund to leverage technology, research and development to help reduce plastic pollution in the manufacturing sector would also contribute to our common goal of effectively reducing waste.

from Canada manufacturers have played a central role in from Canada COVID response and we can be at the heart of from Canada COVID recovery. But it will require us to work in partnership with governments at all levels to increase investments, develop national operations and continue to improve environmental performance. Banning plastics won’t do any of that. “


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SOURCE Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters

For further information: Ady Stefan Calin, Manager, Communications and Branding, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, (514) 293-3765, [email protected]

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