In response to President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry issued a statement asking Canadian investors and businesses to review their investment plans involving Russian investors.1 This new policy represents another economic measure taken by the Canadian government in response to the Russian action. AccordingRead More →

OTTAWA — Hours after the United Nations sided with Ukraine and called on Russia to withdraw from its territory, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hailed the vote and called on Canada for more sanctions and “restrictive measures” to stop the bombardment of his country. Zelenskyy, who is entrenched in Kyiv asRead More →

Canada’s critical infrastructure sectors are encouraged to monitor increased cyber threat activity.Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press A cybersecurity expert says Canadian companies are at risk of online attacks if Russia chooses to retaliate against government sanctions. Karim Hijazi, founder and CEO of Texas-based cyberintelligence firm Prevailion, said Canadian companies could fallRead More →

TORONTO — Canadian businesses risk being the target of online attacks if Russia chooses to retaliate against government sanctions, a cybersecurity expert said Friday. TORONTO — Canadian businesses risk being the target of online attacks if Russia chooses to retaliate against government sanctions, a cybersecurity expert said Friday. Karim Hijazi,Read More →

Ontario-based Valent will partner with companies across Canada to produce Canada’s first renewable diesel from agricultural and forestry by-products. Atlantic Canadian companies Clearwater, Horizon Maritime and Mara Renewables are among partners in the $65 million biofuels project just announced by Canada’s Oceans Supercluster. Other companies involved are FORGE Hydrocarbons, KatalRead More →

Producer Group welcomes update Broadcasting Act and urges the rapid adoption of legislation OTTAWA, ON, February 2, 2022 /CNW/ – The Canadian Media Producers Association today welcomed the federal government’s introduction of legislation to modernize the Broadcasting Actfollowing his promise to introduce the bill within the first 100 days ofRead More →

As widespread labor shortages force Canadian companies to reassess their employee recruitment and retention practices, experts say pay transparency is increasingly in the spotlight. Outside of the public sector and unionized shops, wages in North America have long been considered a private matter between employer and employee. Job postings usuallyRead More →

Canadian companies affected by ransomware attacks pay perpetrators nearly half a million dollars on average, new poll results show. Angus Reid’s investigation for cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks in September, but released on Wednesday, found that the average ransom paid by Canadian companies was $ 458,247, while the average ransomRead More →

New federal disclosure requirements and growing shareholder pressure have pushed more Canadian companies to add more women and other diverse candidates to their boards The Globe and Mail’s annual Board Games report on corporate governance in Canada showed progress in 2021 on diversity. The 220 companies assessed, all members ofRead More →

Amid efforts to overcome the challenges caused by COVID-19 and climate change, the conversation about modernizing the Canadian economy and strengthening relationships between people and businesses has intensified, said Brian Gallant, former Premier of New Brunswick and co-author of the Global Canada report.James West / The Canadian Press New reportRead More →

[Oro Medonte, ON] – The last 24 months have really revealed the inherent danger of relying heavily or even solely on offshore suppliers. The global pandemic has left countless North American manufacturers scrambling to find suppliers closer to home (AKA relocation) for their business-critical components and products. Alternatively, they haveRead More →

As the spotlight on climate change intensifies, Canadian businesses face increased scrutiny from regulators, investors and other stakeholders to meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria . Some companies play a leading role in reducing carbon emissions and are at the forefront of the energy transition. Others respond to incentivesRead More →

OTC Markets has published proposed rule changes that, effective September 23, 2021, would require a company to be listed on the OTCQX International to be either an SEC reporting company or file reports with the SEC under the Regulatory A+ reporting system, or be exempt from SEC reporting requirements underRead More →

Climate change is driving the air conditioning industry to come up with energy-saving innovations, as more frequent extreme weather events are expected to put additional strain on the power grid. Canada has already seen average temperatures increase by 1.7 degrees Celsius since 1948, according to Environment and Climate Change Canada.Read More →

March 1, 2019 by Carolyn Powell, Director of International Business Development, Invest Buffalo Niagara Sponsored content provided by PLANT partners: Peace Bridge in Buffalo. Invest Buffalo Niagara offers assistance to companies embarking on establishing a site in the United States. Canadian companies expanding into the United States enjoyed another successfulRead More →

Louis Tetu, CEO of Coveo, a Quebec-based company that sells artificial intelligence-based search tools known as “analytics engines” to giants like American Express, Dell and Geico.Renaud Philippe/The Globe and Mail The Canadian initial public offering market has shrugged off recent investor fears and is poised to rebound, with at leastRead More →

Members of the Uyghur minority hold placards as they demonstrate asking for news of their relatives on February 22, 2021 near the Chinese consulate in Istanbul.OZAN ​​KOSE/AFP/Getty Images Three years after it was first announced, an office empowered by Ottawa to investigate allegations of human rights abuses stemming from theRead More →

The office announced by the federal government in 2018 to deal with complaints about human rights abuses perpetrated by Canadian companies operating abroad still does not have a complaints mechanism in place. Canada’s Ombudsman for Responsible Business (CORE) was supposed to be a government watchdog who could investigate companies inRead More →

Security guards stand at the gates of what is officially known as a Vocational Skills Teaching Center in Huocheng County, China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, September 3, 2018.THOMAS PETER/Reuters Justin Trudeau said government officials would warn Canadian companies doing business in China’s Xinjiang region not to use forced labor orRead More →