The Canadian government accepts that vaccines do not work

Something seems to have changed. The Trudeau government is now easing COVID restrictions. Yes, you have this right. The same government that banned Canadians from leaving the country or even traveling within provinces is now relaxing the restrictions. You see, this comes after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its COVID-19 guidelines. The CDC has relaxed recommendations for people who are unvaccinated and have been subjected to COVID-19.

Previously, the CDC advised people who were unvaccinated or did not receive their boosters to self-quarantine for five days after exposure. If no symptoms appear, the quarantine can end. But the new guidelines no longer require unvaccinated people to quarantine after exposure, instead suggesting they mask up for 10 days and get tested five days after exposure.

The CDC also said that over time the population had acquired enough immunity to fight off the Wuhan virus.

Now, why are we talking about an American health agency?

The liberal poster has long been prone in the United States and has shown full obedience to the CDC’s covid guidelines. Trudeau has given his compatriots the toughest COVID vaccine mandates that could have put a third world country to shame. But all this gimmick played by Mr. Trudeau reaches the curtains. Canada’s federal government is lifting vaccine requirements for travelers on domestic and outbound trains and planes, officials have announced.

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Since October 30, 2021, anyone over the age of 12 must be vaccinated against Covid-19 to board a plane or train in Canada. But Trudeau’s Canada is now rescinding the eight-month term by suspending the requirement that federal workers be vaccinated. This could be music to the ears of travelers in Canada who have not been allowed to board a train or flight in Canada. In addition, Canadians returning without a shot were also required to self-quarantine upon returning home.

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But we all know that Trudeau did all of this for simple vote-banking politics, and his association with big pharma is now a common song. Trudeau’s vaccine mandate was swayed to gain traction among voters, but hilariously, the decision backfired. Trudeau expected his Liberal party, which was in a minority in the House of Commons, to benefit from the announcement, but ironically Canadians took to the streets in protest. It turned out that the Liberals failed to even win a majority in the September 2021 election.

The CDC reveal is coming in a big way. Either way, Justin Trudeau won’t remove all restrictions because he might imagine his old policies as a failure. In a twisted way of which he is an expert, Trudeau is slowly removing all of Canada’s restrictions one at a time. This would guarantee no public protest and it is a victory for the liberal champion.

Trudeau is now in an attempt to course correct and has now admitted that his dastardly agenda has not hit the mark. Most important of all is that Trudeau accept that vaccines don’t work.