The Canadian government gets its hands on 6 of the 21 bitcoins offered to the trucking fleet

  • The Canadian Trucker Protests or Canada Convoy Protests are some of the biggest stories people have experienced this year.
  • The major breaking point of this event was when authorities summoned the Emergency Act and, among other things, were ordered to seize all donations.
  • The Canadian convoy protest was basically a series about lockdowns and protests in Canada, against pandemic vaccination mandates, starting in early 2022.

Among other things this year has witnessed, the protest of Canadian truckers has been in the limelight, and a major point came when the government decided to invoke the Emergency Act, all got the power capture all donations, including those in digital assets.

Earlier, truckers in Canada were protesting Covid 19 mandates and restrictions, as well as the vaccine mandate to cross the Canada-US border.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has this story, summarizing this, Freedom Convoy shuts down transportation, in the city of Ottawa throughout February. Truckers broke out of their usual routine to protest pandemic mandates and limitations, involving vaccination mandates specifically for truckers to cross the Canada-US border.

The Emergencies Act made it clear that lawyers representing the citizens of the City of Ottawa in a class action lawsuit against these convoy operator truckers had enlisted over 100 allegedly linked cryptocurrency wallets. to protesters.

The civil suit seeks to recover assets, involving virtual currency, collected by protesters and mobilize them into an escrow account, to be used as a mode of redress for damages resulting from the class action.

More Bitcoins to Grab

According to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation investigation, protesters have collected around 20.7 Bitcoin (BTC), and only 5.9 are in custody. These authorities include the Ottawa Police Service (OPS), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and RCMP, who are focused on recovering BTC used by these health mandate anti-covid 19 protesters.

According to the article, most of the known donations of nearly $1 million raised in virtual currency for the Freedom Convoy appear to have escaped seizure by authorities more than a month after the federal government invoked the Emergency Measures Act to freeze the assets of the convoy.

Research indicates that hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin dollars associated with protesters continued to move after freeze orders.

And the Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded by pointing out that it has the potential to seize and recover digital currency assets, further highlighting past instances where the Crown has successfully prosecuted crypto criminals.

Where are the others ?

The network’s investigative team didn’t offer many attempts to find out what really happened to the rest of Bitcoin. CBC appoints Nicholas St. Louis, a bachelor. He wrote that to alleviate the choke points, they will immediately start decentralizing BTC and offering it to convoy organizers.

Regarding this video, the article states that in another video, a folk was offered $8,000 in an envelope.

A step-by-step guide on how he distributed the funds directly to truckers was quickly shared on the internet.

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