The Canadian government is hiring for a bunch of jobs in Toronto that pay six figures

If you are looking for a career change, Toronto is the place to do it, with so many positions permanently available in Canadian companies, in technology, outdoors, for the transport agency in common in town, government or any field you are looking for. go in.

If you’re looking for a bigger paycheck, there are a ton of places that hire for a variety of different roles for high pay – like in around $100,000 – including, most recently, the federal government.

From nearly 1,000 openings listed on the Canada website right now, more than 50 are specifically located in Toronto, and many of them are very well paid.

Depending on your skills and background, you’ll probably be able to find something you’re passionate about, such as:

Team leader or HR manager

These two positionswhich pay between $89,317 and $111,435, are great for anyone with a background in human resources, although a degree in areas like public or business administration, psychology, organizational development, or other fields can also work.

The job includes everything you would expect of an HR position, such as harassment prevention and resolution, workforce planning, talent management, labor relations, and leadership development.

Various computer stations

The Information Management Department of the Correctional Service of Canada employs a number of information management and technology positionswho can pay up to $110,000 a year.

If you have a background in computing, computing, information management, or a similar field, you can work in: application services; business transformation and innovation; business and customer services; enterprise architecture; business data and information management; IMS strategic planning; IT security or performance measurement; and management reports.

You can also work with data, IT device management, software solutions, and more. (There are also high-paying IT positions open with Parks Canada and with National Defense.)

Purchasing Specialist

Public Services and Procurement Canada is looking for several purchasing specialists at this time, suitable for someone familiar with developing procurement strategies and plans, conducting major assessments and negotiations, and awarding and managing contracts.

Areas of work will include purchasing everything from computer systems and software, to transportation and logistics services, to medical equipment, apparel and textiles.

The salary is just under six figures and up to $92,033 per year.

Environmental Effects Monitoring Specialist

If you are interested and experienced in protecting the environment and stopping climate change, this work in the Environmental Protection Branch of Environment and Climate Change Canada would be a perfect fit for you.

Work on policy documents, public consultation documents, environmental and scientific assessments, and more for a salary of up to $106,933.

A post-secondary degree in biology, ecology or a similar science is required, as is experience in research and analysis, as well as report writing.

Responsible for regulatory information, risk analysis and data

This work Paying up to $96,600 per year falls under the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada and is ideal for anyone with a background in business, commerce, math, computer science, technical data analysis, or something similar.

You will serve as subject matter expert and support for data management, business intelligence reporting and other areas, bringing together datasets and improving processes.

Nursing and public health roles

Current openings in this area that pay six figures include: a public health advisor; a occupational health nurse; a quarantine officer; Where doctor or nurse practitioner for Health Canada.