The Canadian government is leading us down a dark path

Charles W. Milliken

It’s not often that Canada, that huge expanse of cold, well-mannered and peaceful territory largely in our north, provides a lot of news. But the trucker protests have at least temporarily caught our attention, let alone the attention of President Joe Biden.

I don’t need to rehash what the truckers were up to – we’ve all seen the cover. What is really important is the reaction of the Canadian government to the incredible spectacle of normally docile Canadian citizens who do not comply with what they are told. How dare they!

Canadian governments have historically leaned to the left, especially under young Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (the second-youngest prime minister in Canadian history and a legacy of his father, a longtime prime minister in the 1970s and 1980s). Serious questioning of this hegemony should not be tolerated, which is why Trudeau instituted emergency powers to put an end to this indescribable recklessness (his father also used the emergency power to deal with problems when he was Prime Minister). Specifically, anyone who participates in the truckers’ protest is subject to arrest. The fact that the protest was peaceful is irrelevant. The protest, as protests are wont to do, is interfering with other Canadians going about their daily lives. The trade is interrupted. Movements are blocked. Bridges are closed – all bad.

In addition to arresting protesters, those who support protesters are also subject to punishment. People bringing food, fuel or other forms of support can be imprisoned. The belongings they bring are confiscated. If the truckers don’t make it home, a dose of freezing hunger might be convincing. Otherwise, the heavily armed mounted police did the job.

Some send financial support, and this is where the real problem comes to light. A justice minister was recently interviewed to discuss the financial aspects of the claimed emergency powers. Donations to the protest will be frozen (GoFundMe has already tried this.). However, contributors’ bank accounts may also be frozen. When asked who should be worried about these sanctions, the minister felt that “a member of a pro-Trump movement should be worried”. “Pro Trump? ” In Canada? It’s breathtaking.

I guess if I’m Donald Trump, I should be flattered that people all over the world are terrified of me and what I stand for. Think what will happen if he wins in 2024!

Aside from the Donald, the Canadian government is leading us down a very dark path, so much so that political opposition explicitly becomes a crime. BLM and Antifa “mostly peacefully” rioted, burned, killed, and looted, but there were no consequences because they were interfering with the prosecution of other citizens for a just cause. Fighting mask mandates is not a just cause. Being a Trump supporter is clearly not a just cause. Protesting at school board meetings is not a just cause, on top of that, these people are far from domestic terrorists.

In addition to government sanctions, the names of contributors are “doxxed”. Doxxing is the practice of disclosing private information in public view with malicious intent. Pirates and fugitives specialize in this area. The idea is to make life very uncomfortable for those who are so identified. This, in turn, will make you think twice about contributing to, or otherwise supporting, anyone or anything frowned upon by the left.

In this country, calls are made to destroy the Republican Party. To “save democracy,” Republicans must be repudiated. It would seem very simple, like Canada, to freeze the bank accounts of all registered Republicans (unless, perhaps, they sign an affidavit explicitly denying their support for Donald Trump.)

Beyond that, the voter rolls of registered Republicans can be made public so protesters can visit their homes and workplaces to make life uncomfortable. This has been used before, for example, to harass Republican officials who were eating in restaurants. Facebook, Twitter and others already censor comments, encouraged by Jen Psaki.

The great danger is that two can play this game. I pray that when the Republicans sweep the Democrats from power, they will not be tempted to stoop to such tactics.

Charles Milliken is Professor Emeritus after 22 years teaching economics and related subjects at the University of Siena Heights. He can be reached at [email protected].