The Canadian government supports Indigenous economic development projects in the forest sector of British Columbia

The Government of Canada joined the ‘Namgis First Nation in celebrating the successful expansion of operations at the Beaver Cove Chip Mill, which now operates as Atli Chip LP. This expansion opens up forestry-related opportunities, businesses, careers and governance within the traditional ‘Namgis territories and other communities in the region.

The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, from Canada Minister of Natural Resources, announced more than $1.4 million in funding to Atli Chip LP under the Indigenous Forestry Initiative (IFI) program that provides financial support for Indigenous-led economic development projects from Canada forestry sector. Indigenous Services Canada also supported this project through the Strategic Partnerships Initiative.

The wood chipping plant can debark and chip larger logs as well as pieces of wood, reducing wood waste. It will supply pulp chips to mills on Vancouver Island and from British Columbia Lower Mainland, as well as biomass from wood harvested in the ‘Namgis Traditional Territory and adjacent Forest Resource Licenses.

Atli Chip LP is also working with FPInnovations to actively improve the efficiency and capacity of the facility, including the ability to process forest harvest residue feedstock. The successful due diligence, planning, acquisition and expansion of the facility provides an opportunity to support the long-term sustainability of the natural resources industry.