The Canadian government supports the fight against misinformation

Through a digital citizens’ initiative (DCI), the government says Canadians can build their “resilience” against incorrect information and build partnerships to support a healthy digital information society.

Rodriguez says: “There is urgency to act. As Canadians, we cannot tolerate misinformation and propaganda. Democracy did not happen by chance. We have to fight for it. Canadians can play a role in reporting and stopping the spread of misinformation and harmful disinformation.

He adds: “We can choose to advance a new shared vision of democracy in the digital age. It starts with digital inclusion, where an informed and engaged Canadian public can meaningfully participate in society, both online and offline.

The government has several targeted and specialized organizations that are already working on implementing disinformation countermeasures. They plan to work with these organizations and other stakeholders in the future.

The release states, “These projects reach Canadians nationally and locally, online and offline, in minority communities, in both official languages ​​and in Indigenous communities.

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