These Canadian Companies Offer a 4-Day Work Week and All Are Hiring

If you’re looking for a new career, why not start with companies offering a coveted four-day work week?

Many Canadian companies are adopting or testing a work week that shortens the number of hours worked while maintaining the same pay and output.

Some have implemented a work week that considers Friday a non-working day, which means long weekends every week. Others have opted for a flexible schedule, with employees working one less day at different times of the week.

If that sounds like you, these six Canadian companies with four-day workweeks are hiring, each has roles in multiple cities and even remote work options available.

David Suzuki Foundation

Details: The David Suzuki Foundation has had a four-day work week since 1990, when the foundation was established.

The company says implementing a shorter working week has improved the lives of staff, “giving them time to rest, pursue other interests, explore nature, volunteer , enjoying the company of family and friends, and so much more.”

The David Suzuki Foundation is currently hiring for several positions in Vancouver, including a social media specialist.

He also has general applications available for roles that can be performed in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver or remotely.

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Details: Canadian video game developer Eidos announced last year that it would switch to a four-day work schedule at its Montreal and Sherbrooke locations, going from a 40-hour work week to a 32-hour work and with the studios closed on Fridays.

The company has tons of jobs to fill in its Montreal studio in areas like animation, design, and programming.

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Details: Praxis, a Toronto-based marketing communications agency, recently announced that it would be piloting a four-day work week for six months.

Associate partner and managing director Matt Juniper said the change would not see employees get a pay cut or longer working days. Instead, the company “learns to work smarter, not longer.”

He is currently looking to hire a bilingual community manager who can speak English and French. They would be responsible for curating social content and posting content to social media, in addition to other duties.

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The management agency

Details: Toronto-based recruitment firm, The Leadership Agency, piloted a four-day work week in October 2020 and said the overall impact was really positive.

The company now operates on a four-day-a-week schedule, Monday through Thursday, and is currently hiring for tons of positions, with positions open across the country.

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Blackbird Interactive

Details: Video game developer Blackbird Interactive moved to a four-day work week in the first months of 2022, keeping workdays the same length and also allowing employees to choose between working from home or in the studio , or a combination of both.

The company is hiring for several positions in Vancouver, including a programmer and a VFX artist. It also accepts general applications.

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Juno College of Technology

Details: In 2021, Juno College of Technology announced it would move to a four-day work week as part of the company’s vision for 2022.

Now, all employees at the tech company work four days a week and also get three weeks of paid vacation and seven personal days to use each year.

The company is hiring for positions in Toronto (which can also be done remotely), including a Web Development Instructor and Growth Specialist.

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