Today’s letters: The ArriveCAN app; and the integrity of the Canadian government

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This app violates our privacy

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Re: ArriveCAN app could remain as part of broader border modernization, Mendicino’s comments suggestJune 29.

This application should in no way become permanent. This is just another way of invading the privacy of Canadians by the Liberal government. It’s sad that they feel compelled to bother us.

Stan Painter, Kanata.

The government undermines the system

Re: The Real Threat of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ Is to Social Norms, 24 June.

Brigitte Pellerin’s opinion exaggerates the damage caused by the convoy to our institutions and to the integrity of our parliamentary system.

If, as she suggests, the convoy had posed a serious threat to the foundations and institutions that keep us free, prosperous and democratic, then more serious charges would have been leveled against the participants and organizers. A greater threat to our democracy, our institutions and our parliamentary processes was and continues to be the apparent misrepresentation of facts by the current government to justify invoking the Emergencies Act (e.g. requested that the Law be invoked; or foreign, including Russian, convoy funds, etc.).

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More recently, the lack of transparency and obstruction by members of the Liberal government during the Special Joint Committee hearings on the Emergencies Act demonstrates its contempt for a parliamentary process that seeks to understand the circumstances leading to the invocation of the Act. .

Clearly the Liberals believe they are not accountable to Canadians. If our elected officials show such contempt for our institutions and our parliamentary processes, it is difficult to criticize those who felt ignored and slandered by their Prime Minister during the two years of the pandemic.

Adriana Newbury, Kanata