Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet is working to get his Canadian citizenship

The Honorable Canadian Fred VanVleet will one day soon be a certified citizen.

The 28-year-old point guard recently appeared on the Ball Don’t Stop podcast and mentioned that he was working on getting his documents in order to become an official citizen of the Great White North.

“I’m definitely a Canadian, an honorary Canadian. I think I’ll work to get my passport, try to get citizenship or something like that,” he said.

VanVleet’s daughter, Sanaa, was actually born in Toronto, giving the Illinois-born superstar even more motivation to pursue citizenship.

He actually mentions it during the podcast as he shows some love in Toronto.

“My kids love it, my daughter is Canadian, she was born in Toronto. Toronto has been great, it’s been great for me and my family. The country has embraced me,” he says.

Of course, that love is reciprocated, with the city and now the whole country totally in awe of VanVleet, picking up his jersey and cheering him on.

The athlete says he is very interested in exploring the rest of the country, having launched a documentary mini-series in November that featured five Canadian restaurants, including Toronto’s Aunt Lucy’s Burgers and Whitby’s Signature Indian Cuisine.

More recently, Mr. Bet on Himself launched a four-year full scholarship for Black or Indigenous students in the University of Toronto’s business program.

No matter what, VanVleet will always be Canadian in our hearts – with or without official documentation!